Studio One – 5 Quick Ways It Streamlines Your Workflow

Mar 15, 2017 | 0 comments

1 Simple and Clean Looking User Interface
Studio One’s UI is really modern looking with its super slick and clean design. Some applications have submenus embedded within submenus, which can mean spending valuable time hunting for functionality whereas Studio One is really easy to navigate and find those all important tools.


2 Drag and Drop Functionality
There is support for drag and drop functionality throughout Studio One. You can easily drag presets from the browser straight onto tracks and instruments. This really helps speed up your workflow. Also being able to see yourself dragging an item onto a track feels a lot more fluid than searching through menus.


3 Sketching out ideas with the ScratchPad
The ScratchPad feature has got to be my favorite feature in Studio One. Basically it allows you to create a secondary arrangement area where you can test out different arrangement ideas. So your tracks and their associated instruments and plugins stay intact, but you can test out different ideas in the secondary arrangement. So maybe your arrangement is too long. Just create a new scratchpad, copy across the arrangement and shorten some sections and take a listen back and see if it sounds better. It’s quick and easy to use and perfect for brainstorming new takes on your track before implementing them.


4 The Mai Tai Synth
The Mai Tai synth is an awesome instrument that’s included with Studio One. What I like about it is that it’s easy to tweak the parameters to get a sound you want, plus it comes bundled with a great selection of presets that you can browse through and test in your songs. Especially if you’re looking for interesting synth, pad and lead sounds – the synths strong points.


5 Integrated Melodyne
Melodyne is just insane! The algorithms it uses to pitch and time correct audio parts is amazing. It does it so well, and it feels like it’s so transparent. And with it being integrated into Studio One, makes editing your audio that much more streamlined.

Trainer Tip

Record your rough ideas in and then use Melodyne to convert the pitch data to MIDI data (it’s really easier than it sounds, trust me) and then this to a MIDI region and assign it to instruments tracks.

So those are 5 quick ways Studio One can streamline your audio workflow. Although Studio One is very user-friendly, don’t mistake it for being simple – it’s a great DAW with advanced features that can help take your tracks to the next level.

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