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If you’re thinking of ways to get extra money or revenue for your music, a great platform service to look at is AudioJungle. Here you can upload your music to this music stock library, and interested listeners can purchase your music. What a better way to earn some extra cash with your music this way.

Now I know you’ve probably seen things like this before and it seems too good to be true. But it is really a great platform if you take the time to use it. A good friend of mine, and fellow music maker, Gavin Potter has had some success on this platform and I thought it would be interesting to pick his brain and ask him some questions about how he has used AudioJungle to boost his income.

Gary Hiebner: Hi Gavin, can you give us a brief history on yourself and when you started music composing and music producing

Gavin Potter: I started piano at a very young age and changed over to guitar in high school and played in lots of bands over the next few years. My interest in music was reunited when I started getting interested in music for media productions. To help with this I did my grade 8 exams in guitar and music theory and did an orchestration course, otherwise I’m pretty much self taught.

Gary Hiebner: Was there any specific media production that drew your interest back to music? A movie, a TV show, a game?

Gavin Potter: I got a call out of the blue from a commercials director to score a advert for her. From then on, I was hooked on writing to picture. Otherwise it was pretty much How To Train Your Dragon that made me want to write film scores.

Gary Hiebner: Nice, John Powell. He’s a great composer. Who are some of your other favorite media composers?

Gavin Potter: Mark Mancina, Harry Gregson-Williams, James Horner and who doesn’t like a bit of Mr John Williams.

Gary Hiebner: Yeah its hard to beat John Williams. So prolific. So many good childhood memories from movies he scored.

Gavin Potter: Yeah, and I remember listening to Superman for the first time and recording the audio off the movie onto a tape deck.

Gary Hiebner: Haha, that’s great. Good old tape decks. That might be giving away our age! Now what I’d like to chat about is the AudioJungle Platform. I know you’ve had some successes on it. I would just like to know how you found the platform, what you think of it, and what you’ve found works on it.

Gavin Potter: There are a lot of music libraries online, and I tried a few but AJ’s ease of use but still demanding quality what was attracted me to them. There are some libraries that don’t even review what is submitted by composers or their criteria is very low which I think doesn’t help anybody. They seem to be growing through leaps and bounds so it’s not a bad platform to belong too, however, as they grow, so does the competition, so one has to keep uploading quality content and pushing your profile as much as possible.

Gary Hiebner: Yeah the competition and quality has definitely grown. I remember checking it out about 3 years ago, but it has definitely become more popular since I first looked into it. Any advice for someone starting out and wanting to get onto Audio Jungle on what to do to have some success at it?

Gavin Potter: It’s exploded, I think they have done an excellent job marketing themselves. AudioJungle in itself is a great research tool to get started. Search for the best sellers, see what they have done. Also, if you have a particular genre you good at, see what others are doing similar and what is selling. But of course, with that, also see what the site is lacking, where could you fill a gap. I’ve had lots of success from non-mainstream stuff as well such as African and Irish music. The industry also goes through trends, right now happy claps and whistles dominate corporate music.

Gary Hiebner: Yeah corporate music definitely seems like the bestselling genre on the platform. Awesome, good advice. Find what’s popular but also look for gaps. So guess what you could make next is an African or Irish corporate track.

Gavin Potter: Hahah, there’s an idea. Yeah, learn the rules and then break them.

Gary Hiebner: Sounds like music theory. Learn it then break the rules

Gavin Potter: Hahah, I’m still learning.

Gary Hiebner: Do you do any marketing or promoting of your songs on AudioJungle. If so what have you tried?

Gavin Potter: AudioJungle is in control of any song or author marketing on their site (ie: get selected to be a featured author or a featured song which is a real win). However there are things one can do to try and boost their sales. Firstly, follow and make contact with VideoHive (their sister site) where video producers upload their content, sometimes you can piggyback on their projects or at least, people will hear your music over their productions. Also, it’s not really marketing but does have a direct impact on your sales is keep uploading new material, this improves your rankings plus, it’s a numbers game, the more tracks on their you have, the better your chance of selling.

Gary Hiebner: Wow, great advice. Awesome to cross market to one of the other platform service on the Envato community (AudioJungle falls under the Envato banner) like VideoHive. And yeah true, I found that you have to keep uploading keeps your tracks to keep your profile trending on the platform.

Gary Hiebner: Are there any other platforms or services that you use for your music?

Gavin Potter: I’ve got a couple of songs on other libraries, but they don’t sell well, but then again, I don’t put much effort into those. YouTube is a great way to get your music out there. I’ve had loads of request to use my music small productions. Most of the time it’s free, sometimes you get a bit of cash, but the more people that hear you the better, you can always ask the producer of the video to include a link to your website or your AudioJungle page.

Gary Hiebner: That’s what I like about AudioJungle. It’s a way to make money from your music. Even if you just have music lying around on your hard drive that you haven’t done anything with. You can upload it to AudioJungle and maybe get some sales. But yeah I’m not one for giving away music for free. So any service you can use to generate extra revenue as an artist, I’m a fan of!

Gavin Potter: That’s the thing. If it’s a commercial (business) production, I’ll charge, but sometimes if a guys YouTube channel but has loads of follows and likes, then you can generate some interest.

Gary Hiebner: That’s true. If you do use your music for free on a channel with a lot of potential viewers, then there is also potential to where it can lead to something else down the line. The power and potential of YouTube is also an interesting one for music makers and artists to spend time on.

Gary Hiebner: So what are you goals for the next year? Where do you want to take your music?

Gavin Potter: I want to continue building my AJ library. It’s also good to build a collection which you can group together on AJ which they tend to like and ranks higher. So writing a bunch of similar songs and that makes up an “album” is also a good idea. Plus, once you have the template, you can bash them out pretty fast. Other than that, I just want to continue learning. It’s a fast paced changing industry with serious competition and one needs to stay ahead of the pack.

Gary Hiebner: Awesome. That’s true. We have to stay ahead of the pack. Knowing what music software is available and what tools others are using to do their productions. My gear tech side is going to come out now. Can you give us a quick run down on what the tools are that you use?

Gavin Potter: I use Cubase 9 as my DAW with East West Composers Collection as my go to for orchestral samples and Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate for my more acoustic samples or sound design. All this is monitored through my trusty DT990 Pro studio headphones. Otherwise, a M-Audio Keystation MIDI Controller, Focusrite Scarlett audio interface, and a comfy chair.

Gary Hiebner: Haha, we all need a comfy chair, especially the amount of hours we spend in front of our DAWs. Thanks for your time, Gavin! Check out Gavin’s work on his website by clicking on the graphic below.

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