7 Handy Shortcuts in Studio One

Sep 9, 2017 | 0 comments

What I like about Studio One, is how easy the interface is to navigate and how all most all the functions support drag and drop functionality. But it’s also always good to know your shortcuts so that you can quickly get thing done and improve your music production workflow. I’d like to share what I think are some of the most handy shortcuts in this DAW.

1. Switch Your Tools Fast
Number Keys from 1 to 8
Do you still navigate back to the toolbox to click through and choose your tools. Rather use the number from 1 through to 8 to switch your tools

2. Zooming Horizontally
E or W
A very good shortcut to zoom in and out is to use W (Horizontally In) and W (Horizontally Out).

3.Zooming Vertically
Shift+E or W
And also if you hold down Shift while pressing W or E, you can zoom in and out Vertically.

4. Quantize Your MIDI Quickly
Q for Quantize
The most used function I use with my MIDI Editing is quantizing the notes. I make sure I have the quantize setting setup. Like set to 1/16th notes. And then I simply select all the MIDI notes or the ones I want to quantize and then press Q. It’s as simple as that.

5.C – turn click on/off
The click is probably one of the most important components in your productions. It keeps your timing and pace for your productions. So being able to quickly enable and disable this with C is a great time-saver.

6. Bounce to New Track
Sometimes when you have a lot of tracks in your songs, that have heavy processing effects on them, then you need to bounce parts in place to help you free some resources so that you can have less strain on your system. So with this shortcut, you can quickly select a part and bounce in in place and free up some processing.

7. Show Your Automation Lane
A – Automation
I like to be able to quickly see the automation I have made on tracks, and using the shortcut A to view the automation allows me to quickly see at a glance my automation, and then hide it again. So I can quickly make production decisions on my songs. Like I said any workflow improvements I am a fan of.

Try out these shortcuts when you’re working in your next songs. You might be surprised at how it helps you in your productions.

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