5 Top Tips: Audio Editing

Oct 13, 2017 | 0 comments

When it comes to audio editing, it can be quite a tedious job. But I’ve put together some tips to help you with your audio editing so that it doesn’t feel like such a task. These are my 5 top tips and I hope that they can also help you with improving your music production workflow.


  1. Learn the shortcuts for Cutting, Pasting, Trimming and Duplicating Region/Parts

This will really help speed up your workflow, plus help you to get through your audio editing parts smoothly.

  1. Also, Learn the Shortcuts to your different Audio Tools

So instead of having to navigate for these different tools, learning the shortcuts will take out this extra step and allow you to quickly and easily go between the different tools.

  1. Trim Unnecessary silent sections on your parts

Tidy up your parts by removing these bank spaces. It will also help make your arrangement more visually clearer.

  1. Or Use the Strip Silence Tool

Another great way to trim silent bits out of your audio regions is to use the Strip Silence feature in your DAW. Which normally is in the Audio Editor window section of your DAW. This can save you a lot of time, even hours if you’re editing tons of tracks!

  1. Use Fades

Use Fade in and Fade outs on all your parts. Even if it looks silent before the beginning of the part, there still may be some low level noise in those parts. And by adding in fades will help remove that low level noise when coming in and out of parts. Plus, removing this low noise will give you some extra headroom in your mix.

That’s my 5 top tips on audio editing. I hope this helps save you some time when you get into your audio editing. Any time savings will help give you more time to focus on your mixing and mastering on your songs.