5 Top Mixing Tips

Oct 20, 2017 | 0 comments

When I go from audio & MIDI recording and editing into my mixing there’s a few things I like to do that really help me get the best mix out of my songs. I follow these steps each time, honing my mixing skills. I thought I’d share my top 5 mixing tips, and maybe they can help you when you start mixing your next hit.


  1. Before starting your Mix, zero all your faders

You’ll find that while you’re tracking and editing you’ll probably make adjustments to the levels. But rather zero your volume faders and center your pan pots and start with fresh ears and build up your Mix.

  1. Add an EQ and Compressor on every track

Yes, even if you don’t initially plan on use them. But it’s likely that every track will need some EQ adjustments and even the smallest amounts of compression can help gel the tracks together and tame any big spikes and peaks.

  1. Create gaps and space for each track in the mix

So if your Snare sounds more prominent in the 250Hz area, cut something back here like dip the Kick at 250Hz to create space for the snare. Making space for each element will make your mix shine.

  1. Use Reverb Sends to help give all the tracks a sense of space that they belong in

Sending tracks to the same reverb will help gel them together. And you don’t need to only use one reverb. You can have one short reverb and one long reverb to help even further give your mix its own space.

  1. Create interest in your mix with delays and modulation effects

They don’t have to be applied across the whole length of the track. You can automate delay times, and chorus amounts in sections of your song, or even automate the reverb wet amounts for dramatic effect in the song.

That’s my 5 top tips on mixing your songs. I find that these steps always help me get the most out of my mixes, and I hope that they help you too. Try them out in your next mix, you never know you might get some different results you weren’t expecting.