5 Top Mastering Tips

Nov 7, 2017 | 0 comments

Now it’s important to understand that mastering is a separate process from mixing. You need to approach it from a different mindset and perspective to get the most out of your mastering. Here are my top 5 tips when it comes to mastering your own songs.


1. Make sure you’ll super happy with your mix before moving into mastering.

The best masters are ones where the mix has done most of the job for you

2. Start Mastering with Fresh Ears. 

Don’t dive straight into your mastering after mixing. Give your ears a rest with the song before mastering. Or better yet go take a walk and then start mastering. Or even better yet, start mastering the next day and get a good night’s rest for your ears.

  1. With mastering don’t make any big drastic changes

On the effect processors that you have added to your mastering chain, make sure the edits you do are subtle. A little goes a long way in mastering. If you’re doing any big EQ adjustments rather jump back to the mix and fix it there.

  1. Don’t Try Win the Loudness Wars

With limiters you can increase the overall level of your songs to match up with other commercial releases. But don’t push them up so far that you lose the dynamics that worked so hard to achieve in your mix.

  1. Harmonic Exciters and Stereo Wideners are your best friend

These tools can make big changes to your master. They can hype up specific frequency bands in a pleasing and interesting way to really make your masters stand out. The excited harmonics add some subtle rich tones to your sound. And the stereo widening helps improve the stereo image of your songs.

That’s my 5 top tips on mastering your own songs. Mastering is a very different process. And clearing your head and ears before beginning your master really helps. And then adding these extra steps will help you get the most out of your mastered songs.


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