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ONTRACKTUTS Audio Courses, Training & Content

With over 23 000 Students on UDEMY, and as a Course Creator for Groove3 Gary Hiebner helps musos master DAWS, techniques and audio styles.

“I’m a firm believer that audio software has its place in the creative field and using them as tools you can get different results which you might not have ever imagined. I wish to show you how to get the most out of these audio applications so that you can produce and expand on your musical ideas.” – Gary Hiebner, Course Instructor


How to Use Compression in Studio One

Learn how to use the Compressors in Studio One to improve your Music Productions.



  • What Compression is and What it Does
  • What Compressor Plugins are included in Studio One
  • Using Single-Band and Multiband Compressors
  • Using Different Types of Compression on Different Types of Tracks
  • Using the FAT Channel and its Analog-Emulated Compressors
  • Sidechain Compression Techniques
  • Parallel Compression
  • Adding Color to your Mixes with Compression
  • What are Limiters and How to use them

The Ultimate Studio One Music Production Masterclass

Learn how to Create, Record, Edit, Mix and Master in Studio One.



  • Creating your own Songs and Projects
  • How to Record Audio and MIDI Parts
  • Learn the Instruments and Effects that are available in the application
  • How to Mix and Master your songs and projects
  • Learn the Unique Features like The Chord Track, Scratch Pad, Melodyne Integration, dedicated mastering projects editor, the Pattern Editor, and Bending Audio.
  • Learn How to expand your skillset with the Macros and Show Page

Mixing & Mastering with Presonus Studio One

Learn the tricks and techniques to mixing and mastering your songs in Presonus Studio One


  • Getting a Song ready to be mixed and mastered
  • Adjusting the levels and panning of the tracks
  • Understanding how EQ’s and Compressors work in a mix
  • Using the effects to help make your tracks sit better in the mix
  • Enhancing your tracks with audio processing effects
  • Creating Mastering Projects with your Songs
  • Learning how the spectral meters help with your mastering
  • Using Mastering Effects like: EQ, Multiband Compression, and Limiting
  • Exporting and Finalizing your Song/s