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"Outstanding. One of the best of Groove3. So impressed and pleased with the information presented here, this author deserves a lot of credit for organising and putting together his experience…"

"Absolutely Amazing. Every moment was on point. This was an excellent use of my time."


GabrielTyranny – Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions


"Fantastic Tutorials. Very well presented. Very useful information. Final track sounds fantastic! Thank you Gary!"


Sound Design for TV Film and Games

In this Groove3 video tutorial series, sound design guru Gary Hiebner shows you what it takes to do sound design for TV, Film and Games!

Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions

Orchestral wiz Gary Hiebner shows you how to create an epic cinematic composition from scratch, which can be used for a film, game or TV soundtrack. You also get the Logic Pro X project file containing the associated MIDI files allowing you to experiment with your own virtual instruments, as well as the audio stems, so you can compare your sounds against Gary’s!

Creating Game Audio Explained

In this Groove3 video tutorial series, sound design guru Gary Hiebner shows you what you need to know to get started on creating audio for the incredibly lucrative gaming industry.

Gary Hiebner

Gary Hiebner

Founder & Trainer

Composer and Sound Designer Gary Hiebner brings you Online Audio Courses, Tips & Tricks to get you On Track with Audio Production. With six years experience teaching online audio courses, and having worked at one of South Africa’s top game design companies, Gary brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his courses. Sign up, sit back and get on track.

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